Paintings and Prints at Wiveton Hall Cafe

October 2019 Catalogue

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Works available at Wiveton Hall Cafe Norfolk through the shop or here online if you prefer to have work posted out to you
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I have put together a small collection of works which, I hope, will complement the lovely atmosphere of the cafe at Wiveton Hall. There are three sections, rooks, fruits, and flowers.
The Rooks are prints made from a series of large drawings which were made using charcoal inks and other water-based media. I tried to represent their beauty which is in the angular shapes they make in space, their grace, and also their awareness of each other which became more and more apparent as I studied them.
Fruits and flowers are themes I have always loved and I always return to. I work exclusively from real life observation and find studying subjects from life far more surprising, varied, and wondrous than anything I could imagine.
I studied at the Ruskin School in Oxford and the Royal Academy Schools in London. My training was "classical" in relation to traditional practice including painting and drawing techniques, methods and materials, design, and theories.
I have been using distempera (pure pigment and size) since I was a student. The pigments come from Cornelissen's of London.